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High Efficiency Comfort Systems

4SHP20LX Pro Series Split Heat Pumps

Unlike conventional heat pumps that are either all the way on or all the way off' the Variable-Capacity Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor adjusts cooling output in small increments like a dimmer switch.

  • Pro Series Pair this model with a Pro Series™ heat pump or air conditioner and a Comfort Sync thermostat' for optimum performance. With the Pro Series' you’re in control of every aspect of your home’s climate' as well as your energy costs. Explore the AirEase Pro Series™.
  • True Variable Capacity True Variable-Capacity Cooling Rather than running at one or even two speeds' the 20LX Inverter-Driven Scroll Compressor changes its speed in small' precise increments and adjust cooling up and down like a dimmer switch. So temperatures are held exactly where you want them' even in extremely hot weather.
  • Integrated Compressor Protection The combination of both high and low pressure switches give additional reliability to each unit. The high-pressure switch prevents operation in the event that refrigerant pressures exceed safe levels' protecting the compressor. In the event that your unit does not have enough refrigerant' the low-pressure switch prevents the unit from drawing in moisture and other contaminants while operating.
  • MHT Technology AirEase’s proprietary heat transfer system. A specially designed fan shroud pulls air evenly throughout the air conditioner’s coil surface. The coil features rifled tubing to enhance refrigerant flow' while lanced coil fins increase surface contact between metal and air. All combine for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Dual Fuel Pairing a gas furnace and an electric heat pump creates a dual-fuel system that can use two energy sources for the perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort.
MODELCooling Cap. MBtuHSEERHeating Cap.MBtuHHSPFRefrigerant Charge Oz.Line SizeDimensions HxWxDWeight Lbs.
4SHP20LX124P-123.0 20.0 21.8 10.0 123 3/8-3/4 37.5x37.75x37.75 243
4SHP20LX136P-134.0 20.0 33.0 10.0 199 3/8-7/8 37.5x37.75x37.75 245
4SHP20LX148P-148.0 19.5 45.0 9.6 203 3/8-7/8 43.75x37.75x37.75 287
4SHP20LX160P-156.5 19.0 54.5 9.6 238 3/8-1-1/8 43.75x37.75x37.75 321

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  • All Parts for 120 months - With prompt online registration

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